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How Hard Is It To Replace Windows In My House?
What to Expect.

You can’t take it anymore. You want to replace your windows but don’t know what it takes.

After years of fighting with your broken windows that won’t budge open, you’ve decided to seek professional help. Learning how to replace windows in your home calls for many decisions, and the process can seem daunting with all the terminology you need to know.

The different styles of windows. The window replacement cost. The add-on features like a window screen replacement. It’s all too much!

Luckily, you won’t be doing this project alone. A dedicated window team of your choice does all of the heavy lifting; all you have to do is prepare for the arrival.

Keep on reading for information on how to replace windows with installers and how to prep for a smooth transition.

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Window Selection

When choosing the right window choice, you have to keep in mind the reason you’re switching in the first place. You want windows that:

  • match your climate and are energy efficient
  • are easy to clean
  • noise proof
  • are affordable

Next, consider what you’d like as a feature for your new windows. Are you looking for a way to grow herbs in the kitchen window? Choose a garden window.

You should also consider the style of your home and how the new windows will look if you’re opting to change up the style.

Prepare for Your Window Delivery

Before you begin the process of replacing windows:

  1. Give your family ample time to prepare
  2. If children are present, set them up with care away from the home or in the area that isn’t being worked on
  3. Repeat this step for any pets
  4. Home Security System, make arrangements to have your security system de-install window contacts and scheduled to re-install when project is complete 

You’ll also want to reach out to the sales team to go over any final details of the project, settle any outstanding balances, and go over delivery details.

It’s more common for your window installation team to show up with your brand new windows, but in rare cases, they may order to have them directly delivered to your home address. This could be due to the number of windows needing replacement or an overflow of stock at their storage space.

Whatever the reason, if they arrive at your door, you want to prepare to store your windows in a secure, safe location. The garage is the best place because it keeps it out of the direct living spaces and protects the windows from the natural elements and potential theft.

The installation team will need ample space to work that’s safe for them to move around in. Areas to clear away are the windows being replaced and the main entrances where they will be going in and out.

If the window replacement is being done on the second story, you must also clear the spaces where the workers will be using ladders. Consider things like outdoor furniture and lawn figurines as potential hazards. 

You should also note the type of windows ordered and their placement. If workers need to haul the largest window around a corner or another room, clear a direct path to prevent dings to nearby walls.

Protect Your Property

If you’re clearing the floor for passage, allow for at least 2-3 feet clearance, and, at the same time, consider removing anything tippable. This can include table lamps, glass decor, and anything on high shelves that move with house disturbance.

It’s mainly for precaution because your designated team of installers is highly trained in avoiding damage to homeowners’ properties.

If it’s one request, your installers may ask that you take down any blinds or window treatments before the day of window installment. But if you’re not able to, you can request them to wrap it in plastic.  Please note, there could be additional charges if installers take down blinds or wrap blinds.

Window Installation Process

Your installers have arrived, ready to install. Here is the process.

You and your team will work together to plan the perfect time to replace the windows. They take into account things that may prolong the process.

For example, if storms and natural weather occur for consecutive days, it could delay things, but your team will monitor and provide you with updates should that happen.

A consultation beforehand allows the team to measure all the windows.

When they arrive, the first step is to check every window tag and ensure they are the windows you want and ordered.

Unless it is a small job, your team will consist of multiple people broken up into groups or specific roles. One group may remove the old windows and trim, while the other group focuses on the install. 

The time it takes to install varies depending on the size of the project and, of course, the type of materials needed. Multiple windows can take several hours and, in rare circumstances, roll over to the next day. 

If that happens, they’ll follow the same protocol until it’s all finished.

Inspect The Work

Once the windows are installed, you cannot let the installers leave until you get the chance to inspect the new windows yourself. Here are some things to look out for:

  • Dents and scratches on the glass and window frame
  • Chips and scratches on the trim and sashes
  • Gaps in the sealant outside

Close and open every new window a few consecutive times to make sure they are smooth and don’t stick. The goal is to be 100% satisfied with the result so take your time with the inspection.

It's The Perfect Time to Replace Windows

The best window replacement is a replacement that’s well thought out and properly planned to run smoothly. The SuperiorPro window team walks you through every step of the process. Windows are measured and custom ordered to fit the openings in your home. If you are looking replace windows in your home, remember, you increase the value of the home and become the best-looking house on the block.

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