Fiber Cement Siding: Is Fiber Cement Siding Better Than Wood Siding?

Fiber Cement Siding: Is Fiber Cement Siding Better Than Wood Siding?

Did you know that the U.S. demand for siding is expected to rise by 3.1% annually in the coming years?
Siding is one of the most important parts of your home's exterior. It not only protects your home from the elements but also influences the first impression that people have of your house. This is why choosing the right siding for your home is crucial when building or remodeling.
When it comes to siding, fiber cement siding and wood siding are among the top contenders. To make the best decision, you should carefully consider your options. Below is a guide that compares Hardie® fiber cement siding vs. wood siding to help you make a choice.

Pros of Fiber Cement Siding
Comprising of a mixture of cement, sand, water, and cellulose fibers, fiber cement siding provides a unique exterior appearance that stands strong against the elements.
The benefits of fiber cement siding when renovating your home's exterior are more extensive than cons, especially due to the James Hardie line. This line has many options available including the Hardie plank siding, Hardie board siding, and more. Here are the pros of renovating with fiber cement siding:

High Resistance to Damage
The James Hardie fiber cement siding is engineered to withstand hot, humid conditions as well as freezing conditions. It resists shrinking and swelling in the face of shifting humidity and heat, reducing the risk of damage. In the event of a fire, the Hardie fiber cement siding won't burn. It complies with ASTM E136 as a non-combustible cladding.
Apart from the elemental factors, fiber cement siding is also resistant to rot and insect damage. These qualities make it the sturdiest siding material you can buy. You can rest assured that it'll offer your home durable protection for a long time.

Unlike aluminum options that last for 25-40 years, fiber cement siding has an average lifespan of about 50 years. What's more, most manufacturers' warranties last as long. As a result, you won't need to replace the siding on your house for a long time.

Easy Color Customization
From an aesthetic standpoint, fiber cement siding doesn't fail. If you want the ability to change the color of your home's exterior, this type of siding is highly recommended. Its quality of absorption is better than wood so you don't need to apply fresh coats often. But for proper maintenance, you shout repaint your fiber cement siding every 7-15 years.

Reflects Your Style
With a wealth of shape, size, and texture options, you can get custom fiber cement siding that matches your style. Depending on your preferences, your siding can be made to resemble stucco or wood. If you prefer changing things up, this siding is the right pick for you.

Significant ROI
Installing the James Hardie fiber cement siding in your home means protecting your investment. Due to its durability and versatility, your home value will increase. It'll also be more marketable when you decide to sell it.

Cons of Fiber Cement Siding
Since your siding is a great investment, you must know both the pros and cons. Here are a few cons of fiber cement siding:

The per-square-foot costs of Hardie fiber cement siding tend to be higher than other siding materials like vinyl. Although the per-square-foot costs are higher, you won't have to replace it any time soon due to its durability.
Installing fiber cement siding can be laborious and time-consuming. The materials are heavy and tiring to lift and transport. This means that it'll take longer to renovate your home with James Hardie siding.

Wood Siding
Wood siding is one of the oldest siding options. You can find it in different finishes, including cypress, cedar, redwood, pine, and more.

Pros of Wood Siding
Are you considering wood siding? Let's weigh its advantages to see if it's the right fit for your home.

When it comes to siding, wood is the most eco-conscious material available. This is because wood is a renewable source. Some species of trees like cedar grow fast, making them a sustainable resource. It's also biodegradable.
Additionally, wood siding takes less energy to manufacture, making it energy-efficient. You can opt for it if you wish to reduce your environmental footprint.

Easy to Install and Repair
Wood siding is easy to fix. In case you can't afford a siding contractor, you can easily take on the project by yourself.

Cons of Wood Siding
Wood siding does come with its fair share of challenges. They include:

Although wood siding has a rich texture and elegant look, it can be quite expensive. But the costs of wooden siding often depend on the type of wood you want. For example, cypress, cedar, and redwood tend to be more expensive than pine, fir, or spruce.

Susceptible to Damage
In hot and freezing conditions, wood siding tends to swell or shrink. This can cause them to split or crack over time. What's more, wood attracts termites which can cause extensive structural damage to your home.

High Flammability
Wood siding has poor flame spread fire ratings. This makes it a highly flammable material compared to fiber cement siding. If a fire breaks out, it can spread throughout your home in a matter of minutes, putting your loved ones at risk.

Frequent Maintenance Requirements
To ensure your wood siding looks its best, you need to proactively maintain it. Ensure you repaint it every 3-7 years. You should also inspect it often for any sign of damages.

Color Fading
Wood siding is more susceptible to discoloration due to constant sun exposure. While sun exposure may not seem like a big deal, it can become an incredible eyesore when you have to look at cracking or peeling wood siding.

Fiber Cement vs. Wood Siding: Which Is Better?
The pros of fiber cement certainly such as flexibility, durability, and affordability certainly outweigh those of wood siding - making it the better choice.
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