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Installing James Hardie Siding

James Hardie siding is one of the most durable and beautiful products available for your home. Being a top brand, it enhances the value of any home.

Trying to install it without knowledge and training is never recommended, however. That’s why our professionals are ready to handle the installation as efficiently as possible. We’ve worked on different types of Hardie products and installation, following the guidelines set by the manufacturer. Contact us today to learn more and get a free quote.


James Hardie Requirements

The best approach for installation is to have professionals at your side. Superior Pro is a certified installer, ensuring that you avoid any costly mistakes. Trying to do it on your own may lead to weak structural integrity and other issues down the road.

To avoid any damage during installation preparation, we make sure to keep Hardie siding in a dry and covered area. Exposure to moisture and liquids can lead to shrinkage. We keep the corners intact as well, ensuring that they don’t get hit or caught by any other items.

We fasten Hardie plank siding on either steel studs or braced wood. It’s not impossible to install it where we cannot nail, but we have to approach the strategy differently.

Before installing, we also ensure that the property is following local building code requirements. Some states need additional house wrap or weather protection materials before continuing. The cement fiber siding must also be in a position that matches the set standards for siding.

For larger or higher buildings, you’ll need our tools and staff. Long and large installations of Hardie siding require consideration of heat and how it affects building materials since it tends to make it expand and contract. We calculate how strong the winds are at that height and whether or not the material can take the force.

It’s always recommended to hire skilled installers like our staff at Superior Pro if you don’t want any headaches. This is not suitable for a DIY solution because the dust particles can be dangerous to your health if you don’t use the right equipment. You could inhale it, or it could hit your eyes. There is also a risk of injury if you mishandle the saw.

At Superior Pro, we always bring safety equipment with us, including:

  • Safety goggles
  • Circular saw
  • Vacuum or a dust-collecting saw
  • Ear protection
  • A NIOSH approved N-95 dust mask

Our team has handled many projects, both residential and commercial. We can ensure that your installation is following all local codes and that you can maximize the use of your siding. Contact us today if you’d like James Hardie siding installed.

Installation Guide

Here are the steps we take to make installation a smooth process. With our experience, we can begin work efficiently and without any delays. Here’s what we do:

  • Preparation: We’ll sheath the wall to strengthen it and have enough space for the siding to fasten. There are different types of sheathing, from plywood to foam. We also cover it with house wrap. You’ll notice that we mark the locations that show where we place the studs.
  • Cutting: The circular saw is the most popular because it cuts through siding quickly. However, it will produce a lot of dust so we have a vacuum or dust collector ready. If a circular saw isn’t ideal, we have fiber cement shears.
  • Fastening: We fasten the siding by hand or through a pneumatic device. Depending on the material, we use galvanized nails, stainless steel nails, or corrosion-resistant screws. The most common way to nail it at the top is with siding nails.
  • Trim Installation: We install the trim at the corners of the wall, both inside and outside. Several materials can work, or we could match the Hardie siding through fiber cement. We keep it thick at the corners to make room for caulking.
  • Siding installation: The siding needs to be at least six inches above the house’s grade level. We make sure that there is a 1-2 inch gap before any horizontal surfaces.
  • Finishing: After installation, we clean and dry out the siding. From there, applying paint will give it a layer of protection against the environment.

For these steps, you won’t have to worry as you can have professionals from Superior Pro installing your siding. We ensure only the best quality, avoiding mistakes that could end up damaging your house. Contact us today to learn more.

Choose Superior Pro

At Superior Pro, we put our clients first. We talk them through the process, answer their questions, and alleviate their concerns. We want to make your vision a reality and have finished products you can enjoy for years to come. With that, we’ve invested in some of the best people in the area, training them to keep up with modern demands.

When you work with us, you have the assurance of our full attention. We focus on safety and have certifications from numerous organizations. Our dedication has led us to many awards over the years, and we continue to stay diligent with improvement. We are the Pros to Know, and your work is safe with us.