Marietta Siding Installation

SuperiorPRO has been serving Marietta’s siding installation needs for nearly three decades. Aside from being the area’s trusted installer for premium James Hardie™ siding products, we also offer industry-leading warranties on all projects and unparalleled installation expertise.

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When You Need New Siding Installation in Marietta

We love helping our neighbors with their exterior updates. It’s our passion, the reason we come to work every day, and we’re obsessed with creating the best, longest-lasting results for your home. So, when your home’s exterior is looking a little shabby, trust us to help you decide if now is a good time to install new siding on your home. Whether you’ve noticed impact damage to your siding outside and fading color due to our area’s sunny summers or interior damage like stains on your interior walls or high utility bills, your home will show you some signs when it’s time to install new siding.

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Common Siding Repair Issues

To repair a small portion of poor siding presents some specific challenges as well as all of the regular challenges you’d face during a full siding replacement project. Some of the common issues that pop up when a section of your siding is improperly repaired include:

Warping & Buckling

Hot temperatures paired with siding that was installed too tightly can lead to warped or buckling siding.

Cracking & Noise

Impact damage from hail, branches, and other debris as well as moisture problems can cause cracks to form. Loose siding can also cause irritating noises when it expands and contracts with changing temperatures.

Moisture & Sagging Siding

Improperly laid moisture barriers allows water into your home, creating noticeable water damage and even structural issues down the line. When siding is installed too loosely, you may notice a "melting" look as siding starts to sag.

Mold Growth

When water gets behind your siding, mold can grow and create both a structural issue for your home and a potential health hazard for your family.

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