Stucco FAQs

Stucco FAQs

What types of stucco are available?

There are two types of stucco systems: Portland cement-based plaster often referred to as "traditional stucco" or "hard coat" and exterior insulation finishing system (EIFS) that is sometimes referred to as "synthetic."

What are the biggest challenges with stucco?

The biggest challenge with stucco is neglect. If water penetrates the stucco the walls, insulation, and wood framing can become damaged and rot.

Should I patch my stucco or replace the entire wall?

SuperiorPRO Exterior's stucco experts do a stellar job in patching cracks. However, an exact match is near impossible due to weathering and time, and will always look a bit like a patch. By replacing the entire wall we can provide your home with a more polished, complete look.

Can stucco be cleaned?

Stucco is a porous, cement-based material so the substrate should have set and hardened before cleaning is performed. Use a garden hose to wash the stucco but do not use a pressure washer since it can scratch the surface and possibly even cut through the stucco.

Should I get a stucco inspection?

It is important to have a qualified stucco inspector review your home to perform moisture tests and to identify water intrusion areas. SuperiorPRO recommends that you do not have your home inspected by companies that also provide you with repair service. We feel that this constitutes a conflict of interest. We are happy to provide you referrals to qualified stucco inspectors. You can also obtain a list of qualified stucco inspectors as well as inspection standards by visiting the Georgia Association of Home Inspectors.

Trust the Stucco Professionals at SuperiorPRO

SuperiorPRO is an industry leader in stucco for both residential and commercial properties. We have stucco professionals on staff who are highly proficient in full applications and repairs for both types of stucco and have Dryvit System Outsulation Plus MD System training and Approved Applicator Certification for Finestone Walls. We also offer a two-year labor warranty and up to 20-year product warranty. SuperiorPRO can address your stucco needs with an outcome that meets your expectations and budget. Locally owned and operated, we have achieved an impeccable reputation and our name has become synonymous with outstanding training, stellar customer service and quality work performed with top of the line products. Call SuperiorPRO at 678-250-4631 today for a FREE quote on stucco applications as well as all of your other home projects such as gutters, roofing, doors, siding, windows or painting.

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