Home Exterior: Stucco Painting

Home Exterior: Stucco Painting

Cracking and fading are good indicators that your home's stucco exterior is in need of repainting. Most stucco homes need repainting about every eight years, but unlike other interior and exterior residential and commercial painting projects, painting stucco requires special knowledge and measures.

Don't DIY—Hire the Right Team

Stucco painting requires many tools, specific skills, and a level of safety that make the projects best left to professionals. When choosing your team, look for professional painters who are licensed and insured and have great customer reviews. Most painters offer free consultations and estimates for your stucco painting project, so meet with two to three painters to find the one you feel most comfortable working with. When you make your choice be sure that your contract clearly details the work to be done, the overall cost, when payments are due, and cancellation and warranty terms.

What to Expect During the Project

Your painters will clean your stucco and repair any minor cracks with either an acrylic caulk or an elastomeric patch that will match as closely as possible to the original stucco's texture. SuperiorPRO's stucco experts will review sealants around windows, doors, penetrations through the stucco, stucco transitions to other materials, and stucco terminations (at roof, at grade, at patios or walkways). We will also advise on any cracks, areas of discoloration, mold or mildew or any other areas of possible concern. Next, a primer will be applied to your entire exterior if your stucco has never been painted. If your stucco has been painted before, only the repaired areas will need to be primed. Your painters will then spray your stucco and back-roll it. The back-rolling technique will prevent the underlying color from showing through the new coat of paint by pushing the paint into the stucco's divots and creases. Usually two coats of paint are applied to ensure full coverage.

Trust the Stucco Experts at SuperiorPRO

SuperiorPRO is an industry leader in stucco repairs, application, and painting for both residential and commercial properties. We are highly proficient in both the application and painting of traditional and Exterior Insulated Finish System (EIFS) stucco, we only use the best materials available, and always exceed necessary safety standards. As Atlanta's most trusted home exterior company, we only hire the best painting contractors and experienced professionals licensed to do a variety of home improvement work. To request a FREE quote on your stucco painting project, call 678-250-4631 or contact us online today.

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