Lower Your Summer Utility Bills
 with New Windows

Lower Your Summer Utility Bills with New Windows

Is your air conditioner running around the clock, resulting in sky high monthly utility bills? Your old, deteriorating, or improperly sealed windows may be to blame. Installing new energy-efficient windows in your home will lower your energy bills by maintaining comfortable and regulated interior temperatures. The lifespan of your HVAC system will also be extended when it is not constantly trying to maintain a consistent temperature in your home. Various factors contribute to a window's efficiency. Here's what you should look for:

Energy Star rating:Homeownersin Georgia's South-Central Zone will likely save $319 per year when replacing single-pane windows and $108 when replacing double-pane windows with Energy Star-rated ones.
U-factor:A window's U-factor measures the rate of heat transfer. Lower U-factors mean better window insulation.
Solar heat gain coefficient (SHGC):A window's SHGC measures the fraction of solar energy transmitted and tells how effective the windows are at blocking heat caused by sunlight. Lower SHGCs mean less solar heat transmitted by the window.
Low-E glass:These windows have coatings to cut down the amount of ultraviolet light (which causes fabrics, furniture, and carpetsto fade) allowed to pass through the glass.
SuperiorPRO Window Selections
Whether you are seeking vinyl, wood or PVC windows, SuperiorPRO has you covered. The most popular window we install is a premium vinyl window that adds brightness and beauty, is low maintenance, requires effortless operation, and comes with a lifetime Weatherlok warranty. These premium vinyl windows are also Energy Star rated and possess state of the art performance technologies such as low E glass (helps keep heated air inside and cold air outside in the winter and helps keep the cool air in and hot air out in the summer) and Argon gas (3 times as dense as air, it lies in between the glass and decreases the transfer of hot and cold air). These technologies mean more energy efficient windows that save you money and decrease your carbon footprint.

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