Exterior Painting Dos and Don'ts: Ensuring Long-Lasting Curb Appeal

Exterior Painting Dos and Don'ts: Ensuring Long-Lasting Curb Appeal

A well-maintained exterior enhances your house's aesthetics while protecting it from the elements. When investing time and money in exterior painting, you strive to avoid any blunders. Therefore, it's crucial to exercise caution to ensure a flawless outcome.

Exterior Painting Dos and Don'ts: Ensuring Long-Lasting Curb Appeal

Here are a few dos and don'ts on how to paint exterior of house:


Do: Take Safety Measures

Ensure you take precautions against the possibility of falls and injuries. For instance, if you are using a ladder, ensure it is in the correct position and good condition before you step on it.

Additionally, purchase the necessary personal protective equipment. Utilize a dust mask to avoid inhaling paint chemicals. Wear steel-toe boots to shield your toes from injury during an accident. Always keep your workspace neat and organized to prevent unwanted accidents or injuries.

Do: Choose the Right Temperature

The best temperature for exterior painting to achieve a durable finish is 50 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

Do: Follow All Steps

Remove mildew, dirt, and contaminants from the surface before painting the exterior of a building to ensure proper paint adhesion and prevent an unattractive finish that peels quickly from the wall.

Do: Window Cleaning

How to clean outside windows before painting? Use a hose with an adjustable nozzle. Clean the windows thoroughly with a brush or sponge soaked in soapy water. Scrubbing, rinsing, and drying the windows before painting the exterior are necessary.

Do: Caulking

Before you carry out the paint job, seal joints and other damaged areas of the exterior walls—called caulking. This helps to prevent water leaks from cracks and open joints.

Do: Cover Everything

Painting can be a messy job. Cover everything to avoid paint splatters in your garden or other areas. Ensure you cover nearby lawns, grass, and delicate plants so no paint, spray, or dust can damage them.

Do: Paint Iron

We recommend painting the iron parts with oil to season them for longer use. This will help protect the wrought-iron parts from rust and corrosion, ensuring their durability. Additionally, painting the iron parts can enhance their aesthetic appeal, giving your exterior a polished and cohesive look.

Do: Use Proven Techniques

Paint the siding and let it dry. Once it's dry, tape around the doors and windows to keep them safe and start painting the trim. When you're done, remove the tapes immediately. You can do touch-ups where the paint has yet to cover once the paint dries fully.

Do: Become Creative

Get creative to find a striking accent color and a harmonious color palette. Explore various swatches and study nearby houses to find your perfect match. Research the correct paint type according to climate, weather, and maintenance ability.


Don't Apply Paint Over Old Paint

Consider using pressure washing to remove the old paint entirely. Pressure washing is suitable for exterior painting as it hydrates while cleaning the surfaces. Remember to dry the surface before you apply a new coat of paint. After the water dries, hand-scrape any remaining chips of paint. It's best to paint the following day after the pressure washing. Note that pressure washing is not suitable for wood surfaces. Try hand-scraping to avoid damaging the wood.

Don't Forget to Repaint

Do you know how often should you paint your house? It is suggested to repaint every 5 to 10 years, depending on the climate, weather, previous paint job, location, and exterior surface type.

Don't Finish With Just One Coat

More than a single layer of paint is required for exterior surfaces. It's recommended to achieve a mill thickness of between 13 and 16 mills. You can attain this thickness by applying two separate coatings of paint.

Don't Apply Finish to Wood

Apply primer instead of a finishing coat when your surface is bare wood. Ensure you are applying a thick and uniform layer of primer.

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