What Are Soffits, and Why Are They Important?

What Are Soffits, and Why Are They Important?

When exploring the internet to learn more about your roof's maintenance, you will surely come across the term "soffit." Soffits are a must-need element of your roof rafters but have some other vital functions. Soffits should match your home style, so you might have to consider getting a new soffit when switching and remodeling your house. Let's learn more about soffits and the importance of having them.

What Are Soffits, and Why Are They Important?

What Is A Soffit?

What is a soffit? A soffit is a finishing material that is used to camouflage the underside of the Roof's overhang. This overhang is also known as house eaves or rafters. Soffits conceal the unsightly bare beams of the roof, increasing the aesthetics of your house.

Shingles can break down more quickly on an overheated roof, causing water leaks during winter. That is not all; an overheated roof also means more energy bills. So, your attic needs proper ventilation or air circulation, and your soffit vents deliver that. Ventilation also keeps the humidity levels in the attic down. Excess humidity otherwise can lead to mold, mildew, and wood rot.

Soffits also play a significant role in keeping the aesthetics of your house exterior. Soffits ensure a finished appearance by covering the underside of the house eaves. Various colors and materials are available to match the exterior soffits with the exterior style to achieve a cohesive appearance.

For example, you may pair a fiber cement siding roof with a fiber cement soffit with wood grain. Soffits also come in various colors - however, people often pick a color that matches the trim best.

Another reason to install a soffit should be to protect the roof's underside and deck from the elements. You can choose the soffit material and colors wisely to keep it protected. Decks, on the other hand, don't have this option. But soffits can prevent mold, rot, and other issues from moisture and insect activity.

We already discussed that soffits offer sufficient ventilation to the attic, keeping it from overheating. This means you can stay comfortable on the crazy summer days and keep your HVAC usage at a minimum, reducing energy bills. Soffits are also useful during winter, protecting the attic from mold growth. Moreover, it also prevents snow melt and ice dams from damaging your roof.

Which Soffit Material To Choose?

What type of material you choose impacts your home's appearance and function. The most commonly used materials are wood and vinyl, but both have their cons. You need to perform frequent scraping and painting when it's wood.

Also, wood requires periodic replacement of rotting or warped panels. When vinyl is used as a soffit, it can easily discolor. In some cases, it might get warped in scorching weather. So whether you use wood or vinyl, you need to put effort into maintenance.

It's best to use a fiber cement soffit that offers aesthetics and low maintenance. You will find this material in smooth and wood grain finishes, vented and unvented conditions. Fiber cement soffits also come in many colors, making matching them with your siding roof easier. So, you have many options when choosing fiber cement for soffits.

After your soffit selection, calculate how much ventilation your house requires. First, determine the Net Free Air, or NFA. Your vent space should be one square foot for every 150 square feet of attic space. Simply divide the attic area by 150 to determine the number.

Where To Get High-quality Soffit?

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