What Causes Siding to Fade and How to Fix It?

What Causes Siding to Fade and How to Fix It?

Siding is what makes your house come to life, while it also protects it from harsh elements. Over time siding's color fades and loses its luster without you noticing. But faded siding means your house looks mundane and lifeless.

What Causes Siding to Fade and How to Fix It?

Witnessing your house like this could be disheartening! But here's an easy solution if your siding gets faded, bland, or chalky. Without getting worried, read on to find ways to fix your siding when it's not in its prime shape.

What Causes Siding to Fade?

If your siding is not yet faded, there's still time if you want to keep unwanted expenses at bay. That's why understanding the causes of fading is crucial. Many reasons can be behind a fading siding. Here are some of the common cases:

UV Rays: Vinyl siding is the most common type that fades easily. Years of UV exposure and weather elements like rain and snow can contribute to the fading. The sun's UV rays break down chemical bonds in the siding's color. Over time UV rays deteriorate the siding's color like that.

If your house siding is not under a shaded area and exposed to direct sunlight all day, it might fade quickly due to UV exposure. Often sidings experience uneven fading in shaded areas.

Environmental Factors : Various environmental factors like thermal pollution, moisture, dirt, and debris can cause fading in sidings over time. Some siding materials cannot tolerate access moisture. Water can enter such materials and cause discoloration, paint peeling, and fading.

Oxidation : Often, chalky residue on a siding can make it look faded. Oxidation usually creates a chalky residue like that. When a material is exposed to oxygen for a certain time, it gets rusty. This chalky residue is not permanently fading; you can clean and wash it off the sidings.

How to Prevent Siding From Looking Faded and Worn?

Follow these proactive measures to keep sidings fresh and good as new!

Clean Regularly: Use water or vinegar to wash your siding regularly. It can prevent fading and oxidation. You can also try soft washing using gentle chemicals to wash off the dirt and grime to keep the siding neat and clean.

Avoid Sprinklers : Water sprays from sprinklers can leave rust stains and cause wear and tear on the siding. Consistent and prolonged contact with water and siding can cause fading. If you use sprinklers on the lawn, ensure the water doesn't reach your siding.

Arrange Shading: Shading can limit exposure to direct sunlight and help prolong the life of the siding paint. Be mindful when you plant or cut down trees from your property. Because trees can offer shading, your siding should remain under shade to prevent fading and discoloration.

Select Lighter Shades : A siding of light shade can work against fading and oxidation. That's because lighter colors are better at concealing fade than darker ones. Also, darker shades usually absorb more UV rays from the sun and fade quicker.

How to Fix Faded Siding

Now you know what causes faded siding and the prevention techniques. But what if the side of your house is already faded? Here are some tips for fixing your faded siding and restoring curb apparel.

Thoroughly Clean Your Siding : When there's a heavy layer of dirt, grime, or mold on the siding surface, it needs a deep cleaning. Properly wash and clean your siding using a pressure washer or hose with a nozzle. This will help remove the contaminated build-ups from the siding.

Paint Your Siding : Repainting can be the perfect solution when the sidings look in good shape but experiencing discoloration or fading. Remember to get high-quality paint that is designed for your shading type.

Replace Your Siding : When the fading on your siding is severe, replacing it might be your only option. Try to choose a higher-quality material if you decide to get a replacement. Select siding materials with high resistance to elements, for example, James Hardie Colorplus.

Why Should You Prefer Colorplus Technology?

James Hardie siding with Colorplus technology is the best one to replace faded siding. Because of their:

Durability : Designed to withstand extreme weather conditions. Ideal for harsh weather areas, offering excellent durability.

Fade Resistance : Specially engineered to implement fade-resistant ability. It can also resist chalking and cracking.

Color Options : Various colors and textures are available, making selecting one that fits your house's appearance easier.

Low Maintenance : Save upkeep costs as this siding requires minimal maintenance.

Long Warranty : Comes with a long warranty for homeowners!

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