How To Pick A Door Color For Your Home

Picking A Door Color to Compliment Your Home

Is your house looking a little too dated for your taste? Even if you're not quite ready to invest in beautiful new siding, you can quickly change up the aesthetic of your home. All you have to do is repaint your front door.

Refreshing your entry door by changing its color can completely revitalize your house's curb appeal. Nothing says, "Look at me and then come right in!" quite as much as a welcoming, freshly painted door.

What's the best front door color for your home, though? That's the million-dollar question that perplexes plenty of homeowners. Although it's easy enough to say that it doesn't matter and you should pick the color you love, that's not quite accurate. Some hues go together better than others. Plus, a shade will always add a bit of personality — and you want to make sure it's a personality you prefer.

To help you figure out what color to paint front door frames and the door itself, keep these hints in mind. They'll guide you on how to pick a front door color that you'll love coming back to again and again

1. Think about the main colors of your house.

A wonderful starting place for your journey is to consider the color of your house in general. For example, is it white paneling? Greystone? Light blue wood? You'll want to ensure that any door color you decide complements the house. For example, what color front door with red brick house would make sense? Some common choices are cream, black, or rich blues, grays, and greens.

Be sure to think about your window shutters while doing this exercise, too. Maybe you added some colorful shutters a few years back when you upgraded to energy-efficient replacement windows . The last thing you want is for your door color to clash with all those other shades.

2. Get some color swatches.

Retail paint stores will allow you to take home paint color swatches. Even if you plan on hiring a professional to do the painting, you can do a little investigative legwork in advance. Bring home color swatches that include some of your favorite hues. Then, hold them up against the door and stand back. Try to visualize how the paint shade will look once applied to the whole door.

This isn't a foolproof exercise because it's not perfect. However, it can frequently help you eliminate colors you considered. You may immediately realize that an icy blue or baby pink door won't look the way you assumed. That's good to know before you go out and buy paint cans.

3. Scout out other homes in your neighborhood.

Why not have a little fun while determining the best front door color ? For instance, take car trips, bike adventures, or casual strolls around your neighborhood and the surrounding areas. During these excursions, take note of other homes' front doors. Which ones do you love? Which leaves you in confusion? After doing this a few times, you'll probably wind up with a better idea of what you like and don't.

One caveat: Don't start taking pictures of other people's homes unless you know them or ask the homeowners for permission. It's technically legal but can look a little strange. Be discreet and just write down your observations.

4. Go standard when all else fails.

Still unsure which entry door color will best suit your palace? Aim for some tried-and-true shades that work wonders for most houses. Almost any neutral shade — including naturalistic green — will work. Navy blue tends to be a solid, safe bet, too.

Remember that you can still find other ways to spice up the exterior color scheme of your home, even if your front door doesn't completely stand out. Painting trims, changing outdoor lights, and updating your porch railings can all be transformative.

You should never have to walk up to your house and sigh sadly at how your front door looks. On the contrary, your front door should be an inviting feature of your property. With the right paint and maybe some help from the team at SuperiorPRO , you can give it a truly modern facelift.

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